Legacy Windows Finishing & Flashing Instructions


Covering the unit with plastic is recommended, especially when masonry is used, as this is a pre-finished product and needs no further painting.

  1. Flashing must be installed over all units. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
  2. After the exterior siding or brick is complete, caulk around the perimeter of the window using a quality acrylic latex caulk.
  3. The brickmould, blindstop, and sill are pre-finished and need no further painting, however they may be painted any color, with a quality oil or latex paint, by following the paint manufacturer's instructions.
  4. Do not paint the vinyl jambliner or the glazing bead in the exterior of the sash.
  5. The exterior of the sash may be painted, but first must be primed using a quality exterior acrylic latex primer recommended for cellular PVC.


  1. Insulate between the window and framing with loose fiberglass or similar material. Do not use the expanding foam type of insulation.
  2. Legacy Double Hung Windows are set up to be trimmed with a window stool. The stool provides a water dam to prevent water infiltration. It must be caulked across the bottom and up the ends to function properly. If a stool is not used and the window is to be trimmed in the "picture frame" style, the bottom interior stop must be moved up 3/4" to provide this water dam. The windows can be ordered pre-configured for picture frame trim, if desired. Failure to insure a water dam is present voids the warranty of the window.
  3. When nailing casing to the window, do not nail inside the line on the interior stop. This could damage the jamb liner and affect the normal operation of the window.
  4. The interior of the sash needs no further finishing, however after priming with PVC primer, they can be finished in any color, with any type of oil or latex paint.
  5. The interior stop does not need priming before painting.
  6. Do not paint the vinyl jambliner, or the locks and keepers. Also, do not get any paint on the weather-stripping.