Legacy Double Hung window with bullnose sill.
Legacy Double Hung window with bullnose sill.

Legacy Windows

Combine the traditional beauty of wood windows with the superior thermal and structural characteristics of cellular PVC. Legacy Products' Legacy Windows line has the following features:

We offer the most flexibilty in choices of window options with Grill Between the Glass (GBG) and Simulated Divided Light (SDL) grids. 1" contoured GBG is standard in all windows and optional on casements and specialty windows. By combining 1" GBG with our SDL bar on the outside, you can have the appearance of a true divided light window from the outside, coupled with the easy to clean GBG inside. Or you can get SDL on both sides with a Shadow Bar between the glass for the truly authentic look of divided lights.

To get a more clear picture of what we offer, pick any one of the products from the left sidebar and read the details about what you are interested in. As soon as you decide what you like, you can order your selections right through our website! If you have a custom request, simply contact us via phone or email and we will work our hardest to meet your needs.

Legacy Windows: Blending traditional design with modern materials.

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