Legacy Products, LLC announces the Legacy Windows New Construction Series and our exclusive Legacy Windows Guaranteed Installation Program.

The Guaranteed Installation Program is a complete installation service that begins at the quote stage and continues through the life of your windows.

Our technicians perform a complete window and door take-off from your plans and enter this quotation into our system. Upon acceptance of this quote, we convert it to an actual order and the process formally begins. We then work with your carpenter to make sure the window specifications follow the plans and our quote perfectly. This ensures the carpentry process will go smoothly.

The windows and doors are produced and staged for installation. When the builder gives their release, our trained and certified installers come to the home and install the windows to our stringent specifications. A quality-control checklist is completed by the installer, detailing the conditions found during the installation and ensuring that every window or door installed is in proper working condition.

Upon completion of the project, we perform a final inspection to ensure all windows and doors are functioning properly.

Warranty information, operating and maintenance instructions, as well as finishing instructions are available on this website, or contact us for a copy. Our toll-free telephone number will always be included to provide access to our technicians, who will be available to assist with any problems that may occur in the future.

Legacy Products guarantees your windows and doors will be installed properly by our certified installers. Any problems with the installation will be remedied by our installers at no additional cost to the homeowner, in a timely manner. We guarantee the quality of the installation, and we will leave no window or door improperly installed. This service is currently only available to our Central Virginia customers. Contact us to see if you are in this service area.

The Legacy Windows Guaranteed Installation Program provides a valuable service to both the builder and the homeowner. For the builder, Legacy Products, LLC assumes all responsibility for the installation of the windows and doors, making your carpenters, trim installers, painters, etc. free to move on to other projects. For the homeowner, this program give the complete peace of mind that the windows and doors were carefully and properly installed by certified installers.

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